Chapter 1. Introduction

This document provides a cookbook approach to performing interoperability testing of USB devices and hubs. In order to familiarize the reader with the philosophy behind interoperability testing, the reader is expected to read these instructions at least twice prior to beginning testing.

Although these guidelines appear to be extensive, they outline the minimum testing that should be required prior to shipping a USB product.

In this document, the device under test is referred to as the DUT and the hub under test is referred to as the HUT.

It is required that prior to beginning testing, all systems that will be used in the testing be configured with a fresh installation of the operating system.

Two drive images will need to be captured before beginning interoperability testing. These images provide a means for timely recreation of a failing scenario as well as verification of problem resolution. These images will also allow for quick restoration of the test environment in the event of a system lock-up or other catastrophic problem. The content of these images will be outlined later in this document.

This document also outlines requirements for performing testing. These requirements include:

It is recommended that these be procured prior to beginning testing in order to expedite the testing process.