Suggested Devices

Below is a listing of suggested devices used for testing. These devices are not required, but are suggested. What is required is that the selected devices provide data transfers via isochronous, bulk, and interrupt protocols.

How many Device Manufacturer Description
2 Device Under Test Device to be tested
1 Similar device Same class device as Device Under Test Not required for hub testing
1 Internet Keyboard Pro Microsoft Composite Keyboard/Hub
1 M-BA47 Logitech Wheel Mouse
3 Hub 4 (or more) port self-powered or bus-powered and self-powered hub
1 Hub 4 port bus-powered or bus-powered and self-powered hub
1 DSS350 Philips Speakers
1 Zip 250 Drive Iomega Mass Storage
1 HP895C Hewlett Packard Printer
1 1595 Zoom Telephonics Digital video camera
5 5 metre cable USB A-B cable